2016 SOTR Summer League Registration (10-12th)

2016 Summer Tournament Registration

2016 Basketball Academy / Training Camp


Dear Parents,

The FHS coaching staff is excited to offer another off-season chalked full of opportunities for your son(s) to participate in basketball.  We understand that some other organizations/communities also offer some of these programs but we are fortunate that we are able to provide them for your sons with the FHS coaching staff and for Farmington players only. The following information pertains to opportunities for spring and summer basketball tournaments and summer league.  Information on summer Basketball Academy, and spring/summer open gyms will be coming soon.  We hope all basketball players take advantage of as many of these opportunities as possible.


Who can participate?

Students going into grades 9 – 12 in 2016-2017 will be eligible to participate in Farmington basketball leagues and tournaments through Coach Wyandt and his staff.


Who will Coach the team?

Coach Wyandt will divide the coaching duties amongst his coaching staff throughout the summer.


Team Selection:

Teams will be selected by Coach Wyandt and his staff.  The number of participants along with the basketball staff evaluations will determine what team your son will play on.  Team selection for off-season programs does not necessarily reflect where players will be placed for the regular season and placement often changes.


What is the Cost?

We understand that off season programs are expensive.  However, compared to other programs around, especially AAU organizations (often around $1,000 or more), I think you’ll find that our programs are far less expensive and a great value.  Please understand that tournament costs go up like everything else and we annually have families that need scholarship help.  If any families are unable to participate due to cost please contact the coaching staff.


Can players participate with other summer league programs?

Players interested in playing in other tournaments above and beyond what we offer can do so, keeping in mind that it is our expectation that teams and players would remain loyal to the Farmington program first if and when conflicts occur.



Our goal for the off-season is to provide athletes with the chance to improve their basketball skills while allowing them to learn our high school basketball system. This is simply a chance to get our kids playing together in the spring and summer.  There will be no formal practices for the spring tournaments but players are highly encouraged to attend open gyms.  During the summer we will hold tournament practices during our morning Basketball Academy. The emphasis in the off-season is playing time, not necessarily putting the best athletes on the court.  Playing time might not necessarily be exactly equal but all kids who are registered will play. We will try to win basketball games, but our focus is to develop all players in order to play well and win in future seasons.  With that being said, there may be different levels of play.  A player’s status in the off-season does not necessarily determine their level of play for the 2016-17 basketball season.  For example, a student playing on one of the  JV teams during the spring may not be playing on that team during the 2016-17 basketball season.



As coaches we encourage all parents and athlete’s commitment, loyalty, honesty, and integrity to the Farmington program.  We are trying to create a winning atmosphere and we need your support and help in doing so.  We are in this together to help develop our athletes and this program.  Keep in mind, as coaches, our only agenda is to develop a strong basketball program and make participation in basketball an educational and rewarding experience for all players.


Multi-Sport Athletes:

The basketball staff encourages our multi-sport athletes and other Farmington programs.  Please know that Coach Wyandt is a multi-sport coach and has relationships with all of the other FHS coaches.  Football, baseball, and track are all very willing to work with our off-season schedule.  During the spring your in-season sport should be the first priority and then basketball.  During the summer we have always made arrangements with no penalty to the player.  If you miss one sport one time, you miss the next sport the next time.   If you have more questions about this please talk to Coach Wyandt.

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