Breakdown tournament schedules and rosters for Sunday, July 29 in Shakopee

Below are the game times and rosters for this Sunday’s tournament in Shakopee. Make sure you know your game times at locations and try to show up 20 minutes prior to the listed start time. If there are any conflicts that you cannot make it, please talk to Coach Johnson ASAP. Wear your reversible Farmington jerseys for the tournament.

Varsity Black (10:45 am, 12:35 pm, 2:30 pm)

Ask, Batta, Bormann, Freetly, Hertaus, Moe, Rollag, Vettrus

Varsity Orange (1:35 pm, 3:25 pm, 4:20 pm)

Dohrmann, Feil, Holoch, Huschka, Laramy, Rust, Tarango, Todd

JV Black (11:40 am, 1:35 pm, 3:25 pm)

Buesgens, Cochnauer, Ebel, Finley, Hoffman, Hrncir, Melhorn

JV Orange (8:00 am, 10:45 am, 12:35 pm)

Dahlberg, Comes, Elsen, Fay, Jones, Koch, Patterson, Robertson, Wilcek

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