U of M team camp updates

For this weekend’s games, please show up 45 minutes before your first game at the Athletic Village (516 15th Ave SE Minneapolis, MN 55455) to watch the NCAA compliance video and sign the waiver form. 

Also 35W has construction so it would probably be easier to get to the campus via 35E and take the Ayd Mill Rd exit to get to 94 west.

Below are the game times and rosters for this weekend’s team camp at the University of Minnesota on June 23-24. Everyone who registered will get to play 4 games. Make sure you know your game times at locations. Games listed as WA are at Williams Arena, games listed as AV are at the Athletic Village, and games listed as MP are at Maturi Pavillion. Click here for venue addresses. If there are any conflicts that you cannot make it, please talk to Coach Johnson ASAP. Wear your reversible Farmington jerseys for the tournament.

Click here for the team camp schedule

Varsity Black JV Varsity Black JV Varsity Black Varsity Orange
Sat 9:00 am Sat 10:05 am Sat 11:10 am Sat 12:15 pm Sat 2:25 pm Sat 2:25 pm
AV 4 AV 4 AV 4 WA AV 3 MP 1
Orono East Ridge Roseville Simley Woodbury Davies
Ask Dahlberg Ask Dahlberg Ask Bassett
Bassett Dohrmann Batta Dohrmann Batta Cochnauer
Batta Eggers Bormann Eggers Bormann Eggers
Bormann Elsen Cochnauer Elsen Freetly Holoch
Green Holoch Freetly Holoch Green Huschka
Hertaus Laramy Hertaus Laramy Hertaus Laramy
Mendes Robertson Mendes Patterson Mendes Moe
Moe Rust Rollag Robertson Shrum Rollag
Shrum Shrum Vettrus Todd


JV Varsity Orange Varsity Orange Varsity Orange Varsity Black
Sat 3:30 pm Sat 6:45 pm Sat 8:55 pm Sun 8:00 am Sun 9:05 am
WA WA AV 3 AV 4 AV 4
Rochester JM MTS Rochester Lourdes WHA Moorhead
Dahlberg Ask Dohrmann Cochnauer Bassett
Eggers Bassett Huschka Dahlberg Batta
Elsen Cochnauer Patterson Dohrmann Bormann
Holoch Freetly Robertson Elsen Freetly
Laramy Green Rollag Huschka Green
Patterson Huschka Rust Moe Hertaus
Robertson Rollag Todd Rust Mendes
Rust Todd Vettrus Todd Moe
Vettrus Vettrus Shrum
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