Fall League week 4 schedule and rosters for this Sunday, November 12

Last week of fall league this Sunday. JV Orange and 9th Grade Black are both playing at Bloomington Kennedy High School and the other three teams are playing at Bloomington Jefferson. Please check the rosters below to see what team you will be playing on. These rosters do not have any reflection about which team a player will play on for winter season. Those teams will be determined at try-outs.  Again please try to arrive 20 minutes before your first scheduled start time and wear the reversible black and white Farmington practice jerseys. Also please let the coaches know if you will not be able to make it on Sunday.

Any players that received a jersey last Sunday should make sure and bring $15 for the jersey or make sure they return the jersey when fall league is complete. These reversible jerseys will be used everyday for practice from 9th through 12th grade.

Week 4:


9:40 am vs Burnsville Black

10:25 am vs Bloomington Jefferson

JV Black

4:20 pm vs Apple Valley Gold

5:05 pm vs Austin Red

JV Orange (Games at Bloomington Kennedy not Bloomington Jefferson)

11:20 am vs Austin White (at Bloomington Kennedy)

12:05 pm vs Holy Angels Blue (at Bloomington Kennedy)

9th Grade Black (Games at Bloomington Kennedy not Bloomington Jefferson) 

1:00 pm vs Holy Angels Blue (at Bloomington Kennedy)

1:45 pm vs Chanhassen (at Bloomington Kennedy)

9th Grade Orange 

2:40 pm vs Wayzata Orange

3:25 pm vs Eastview

Click below for the full fall league schedule



Varsity JV Black JV Orange 9 Black 9 Orange
Bormann Ask Buch Berreth Dahlberg
Freetly, C Batta Buchert Cochnauer Edmiston
Hansen Freetly, D Comes Darrington Hibbard
Hedquist Hertaus Dohrmann Eggers Koch
Hunt Huschka Duro Elsen Lofgren
Lofgren Moe Feil Green Ludowese
Mendes Olson Kiage Holoch More
Mogensen Tarango Laramy Miller Pearson
Shrum Todd Rust Patterson Reuter
Weed Vettrus Sundet Spain
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