July 30th Tournament Scoreboard sign-up

The Sunday, July 30 Breakdown tournament is at Farmington High School. As well as having five teams playing in the tournament we are also hosting as a fundraiser. We need some parents to volunteer for concessions and for players to sign-up for a shift at scoreboards. Each player needs to sign-up for 1 game. If anyone can do 2 or more games that would be much appreciated.

The sign-up for scoreboards is here.  Players who still need to sign-up are Henry Rust, Jackson Todd, Zachh Schneider, Alex Kiage, JaVonni Tarango, Connor Weed, Zach Cochnauer, Joey Melhorn, and Kyle Hrncir. If anyone can do an additional shift that would help. Players please make sure to show up for your assigned time at least 15 minutes early as we will have players that will need to leave to play in their games.

The parent volunteer sign-up is here. Please consider volunteering at our concession stand. All the money raised will go to the boys basketball booster club to be put back into the program.

Thank you to everyone for all your help. This will be a great ending to a summer full of basketball for the boys. Can’t wait until Sunday to see all the improvement made over the last two months. Thanks again – Coach Tharen Johnson

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