Sunday, July 30th Breakdown tournament schedules and rosters

Farmington will be playing in a one day Breakdown tournament on Sunday, July 30th. All games will be played at Farmington High School. All teams except Farmington 8th grade will be wearing the black/white reversible practice jerseys. Farmington 8th grade will wear their orange/white travel jerseys. Please try and arrive 20 minutes before your first scheduled game as games sometimes run ahead of schedule. Also we will be looking for the boys to work a few games running scoreboards when they are not playing. Our boys basketball booster club is hosting the tournament as a fundraiser. If any parents can help out at concessions or clean-up we would appreciate the help. All the money raised goes to the booster club to help with team dinners, equipment, etc.

Farmington Black – Boys Varsity Pacers Bracket

Bean, Brady
Bormann, Jacob
Freetly, Caden
Hedquist, Zach
Hunt, Jarrett
Mendes, Miles
Shrum, Jamer
Weed, Adam

Farmington Orange – Boys Varsity Bulls Bracket

Bassett, Gabe
Batta, Max
Hansen, Collin
Lofgren, Will
Moe, Alijah
Olson, Tyler
Rollag, Caleb
Vettrus, Jaxon

Farmington Black – Boys JV Wizards Bracket

Cochnauer, Jake
Freetly, Dylan
Green, Eli
Kiage, Alex
Rust, Henry
Speikers, Caden
Tarango, JaVonni
Todd, Jackson

Farmington Orange – Boys JV Wizards Bracket

Duro, Nathan
Elsen, Caden
Feil, Dain
Holoch, Wyatt
Laramy, Jay
Mortimer, Mason
Schneider, Zach
Wisdorf, Jarrod

Farmington 8th Grade – Boys 9th Grade Clippers Bracket

Buesgens, Ben
Cochnauer, Zach
Ebel, Brendan
Finley, Rodrick
Hoffman, Sam
Hrncir, Kyle
Mehlhorn, Joey
Weed, Connor
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