10-12th grade FHS players interested in becoming 3-on-3 referees sign-up here

Any 10th through 12th grade Farmington High School boys basketball player interested in becoming a referee for the youth 3-on-3 league can sign up at the link below. Games are all at Farmington High School.


As court monitor you are in charge of the score total as well as maintaining the flow of the game, which means making calls such as traveling, double dribble, etc. and most importantly FOULS.  It is our intent that each participant has a positive experience from our league so we need to make sure each game is properly managed.  If you are not comfortable making calls and game decisions, please thoughtfully consider whether or not to sign up.

IMPORTANT:  WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE CHECK IN AT LEAST 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE GAMES BEGIN SO WE KNOW WE HAVE ALL COURTS PROPERLY STAFFED.  Once your shift is over you can collect payment immediately from the check-in table.  Payment will be similar to past years, at $10 per hour, collecting $35 if you work games from 6-9:15.  There are some courts that will not be in use the full night, so please be aware of those special times.  If there are no games on your court at a specific time and you are scheduled to work, please check in at the main table to see where else you can help.


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