Fall League week 4 rosters & schedules

IMPORTANT NOTE: 9th Grade Orange and 9th Grade Black are switching schedules for the last week of fall league due a scheduling conflict.

Varsity JV – Black JV – Orange 9 – Black 9 – Orange
Game 1 4:20 PM 4:20 PM 8:00 AM 1:00 PM 11:20 AM
Game 2 5:05 PM 5:05 PM 8:45 AM 1:45 PM 12:05 PM
1 Bean Bormann, C Bassett Batta Ask
2 Freetly, C. Bormann, J Evans Buchert Cochnauer
3 Hedquist Freetly, D. Grengs Comes Darrington
4 Hinrichsen Hansen Hertaus Duro Eggers
5 Lofgren Hunt Johnson Klicka Green
6 Mendes McConnell Mach Laramy Holoch
7 Mogensen Moe Olson Rust Mortimer
8 Shrum Rollag Pearson Speikers Wisdorf
9 Weed Tahtinen Reedy Sundet
10 Wilson Vettrus Tarango Todd
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