Fall Basketball Update

Just wanted to give families an update on the fall basketball league. Registration did fill up. All the names listed below are registered for all four weeks of fall league. There are some other fall varsity players that registered as well that will play once their seasons conclude.

Reminder that fall league is on the following four Sundays: October 23, October 30, November 6, and November 13 in Bloomington. Once the schedule is released we will post rosters for each team. Players will be notified which team they will be playing on before each Sunday. Please let coaches know ahead of time if your son will be gone on a particular Sunday.

Bassett, Gabe
Batta, Max
Bean, Brady
Bormann, Carter
Bormann, Jacob
Buchert, Ryan
Comes, Jake
Duro, Nathan
Evans, Bryce
Freetly, Caden
Freetly, Dylan
Grengs, Luke
Hansen, Collin
Hedquist, Zach
Hertaus, Grahm
Hunt, Jarrett
Johnson, Jack
Klicka, Josh
Laramy, Jay
Lofgren, Will
Mach, Alex
Mallot, Bennett
McConnell, Joe
Mendes, Miles
Olson, Tyler
Pearson, Jordan
Reedy, Jose
Rollag, Caleb
Rust, Henry
Shrum, Jamison
Speikers, Caden
Sundet, Will
Tahtinen, Drew
Tarango, Javonni
Todd, Jackson
Vettrus, Jaxson
Wilson, Sam


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