Follow-up Note About Team Gear

A Message from Coach Johnson

Dear Farmington basketball families,

Yesterday the Adidas package information was made available on the web. There have been some questions surrounding the purchasing of the merchandise so I hope to clarify some of that with this letter.

First off, it is not a requirement to purchase the Adidas package to be on the team this season.

It is a decent amount of money so we leave the decision up to families to decide. That being said I think if you compare the price of the Adidas deal to what you will pay retail at the store for shoes and similar merchandise, you will find it is a pretty good value.

The Adidas jacket and pants that come with the deal will be the travel gear that our Varsity/JV team wears this season. If you purchase the deal, it will already be purchased for your son and there will be no additional costs later. If your son does make the Varsity/JV and you don’t purchase the Adidas package, then there will be a $100 cost that you will need to pay or fundraise for later.

If your son makes the 9th or 10th grade teams, we will be looking at purchasing the jacket only for the season. Again, if you buy the Adidas package, then you will already have the jacket along with the other apparel and there will be no further expense later. If you don’t do the deal, then this will be a $50 expense that you will need to pay or fundraise for later.

The travel gear will be worn on road games during the season. Varsity/JV will wear the full travel suit. 9th/10th graders will wear their jacket and black pants. That could be the Adidas pants if they purchase the package or any other black pants from home. For home games players will be asked to dress up meaning a collared shirt or sweater and a nicer pair of pants.

There is an option online to add a name and number to the jacket. Players are welcome to do that but know that it does cost extra to have it included. Varsity and JV players will get first option to have their returning number from last season. Otherwise know that there is no guarantee your son will get a certain number.

The window to order the Adidas gear will be open for two weeks. At that point it will close so that the shoes and apparel can be made, shipped, and arrive near the start of the season. We were told that everything should arrive mid-November by our vendor.

We will make a second order for any players that make the team and that do not have the travel gear after tryouts. This order will be for the travel jackets or pants only. The package deal with the shoes will only be available now.

If players buy the Adidas package and are cut during tryouts, they will still receive their full purchased merchandise. We are not able to offer refunds on any of the purchases later.

I hope this answers a lot of the questions. If you still have additional questions, please email me and I will try my best to answer them.

Thanks and Go Tigers!

Tharen Johnson

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