Farmington Boys Basketball booster club update

Thank you for everyone who showed up to the meeting last night, it was impressive how many people wanted to be involved in Farmington basketball. I know there were also even more of you who wanted to be there who couldn’t make it. So this is a brief update on what was discussed.

Farmington boys basketball booster club will have seven members on its board: President , Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Volunteer Director, Fundraising Director, and Communications Director. Each position will be will be a one year term commitment except the President which will be a two year term.

President will be in charge of running board meetings and communicating with the Tiger Fan Club. The Vice President will assume those responsibilities when President is unavailable. Secretary is in charge of taking meeting notes. Treasurer will be responsible for keeping a balance of the booster clubs funds which includes doing some basic computer spreadsheets. Volunteer director will be in charge of volunteer efforts and delegating responsibility to other coordinators. Similarly the Fundraising director will be in charge of fundraising efforts and delegating responsibility to other coordinators. Finally the Communications director will be in charge of sending mass emails and updating information on our team website.

If you are interested in becoming one of these board positions, we will be conducting the voting on our next meeting which will be Tuesday, August 16th at 6:30 pm at Farmington High School. If you don’t see yourself in one of these board positions but still want to be involved we will need coordinators underneath some of these positions to help with individual events such as our MYAS tournament fundraiser, concessions, setting up Sign-up Genius for volunteer events, etc.

At our next meeting Tuesday, we will also vote on accepting the by-laws discussed at yesterday’s meeting. I will send those out before Tuesday as soon as they are available.

Finally at our next meeting we will need to decide if we want to run our 10 concession times for boys basketball games or other Farmington athletic events.

Hope to see you all again on August 16th. Excited to get up and running!

-Tharen Johnson, Farmington boys varsity coach

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