Tournament schedules & rosters for July 30-31

We will have teams playing in two different locations this weekend. The varsity team will be competing in the Pacesetter MIT tournament in St. Cloud on Saturday and Sunday. That group will be leaving together on Friday, July 29th. Both JV groups will be playing a Sunday only tournament in St. Michael-Albertville. Teams playing in St. Michael please check the schedule closely as to what school your team is playing at as this is a very large tournament being played at 4 different locations. Rosters and schedules for each team are below. If you are listed on a roster and know you can NOT make it, please communicate that with one of the coaches.

Varstiy Saturday Schedule (Sunday is TBD)

  1. Hinrichsen
  2. Wilson
  3. Robertson
  4. Freetly, C.
  5. Hedquist
  6. Mogensen
  7. Lofgren
  8. Bean
  9. Shrum
  10. Mendes


JV White Sunday Schedule

  1. Hunt
  2. Hansen
  3. Tahtinen
  4. Bormann, C.
  5. McConnell
  6. Freetly, D.
  7. Bormann, J.
  8. Moe
  9. Jakubowski
  10. Rollag


JV Orange Sunday Schedule

  1. Vettrus
  2. Mach
  3. Olson
  4. Tarango
  5. Hertaus
  6. Pearson
  7. Bassett
  8. Batta
  9. Kiage
  10. Speikers
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