SOTR summer league rosters for June 28

South of the River summer league will be at Lakeville South High School this Tuesday. Rosters are below. Guys not listed we were told are going to baseball. If incorrect, let us know tomorrow. Make sure to show up at least 15 minutes before your first scheduled game. Reminder that there will be no summer league games next Tuesday because of the 4th of July break.

Varsity (6 & 7 pm)

  1. Bean
  2. Freetly, C.
  3. Hedquist
  4. Hinrichsen
  5. Mendes
  6. Mogensen
  7. Shrum
  8. Weed
  9. Wilson

JV (5 & 6 pm)

  1. Bormann, C.
  2. Bormann, J.
  3. Hansen
  4. Hunt
  5. Lofgren
  6. McConnell
  7. Moe
  8. Tahtinen

10th (5 & 7 pm)

  1. Freetly, D.
  2. Hertaus
  3. Jakubowsky
  4. Pearson
  5. Rollag
  6. Tarango
  7. Vettrus


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