Tuesday, June 21 South of the River Summer League Rosters

South of the River summer league is at Apple Valley High School this week. Rosters are different this week with some guys being gone for baseball. Make sure you check to see what team you are on and what time your games are. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before first scheduled game.

Varsity (6 & 7 pm)

  1. Freetly, C.
  2. Hedquist
  3. Hinrichsen
  4. Hunt
  5. Lofgren
  6. Mendes
  7. Mogensen
  8. Shrum

JV (5 & 6 pm)

  1. Bormann, C.
  2. Bormann, J.
  3. Freetly, D.
  4. Hansen
  5. McConnell
  6. Rollag
  7. Tahtinen
  8. Vettrus

10th (5 & 7 pm)

  1. Bassett
  2. Dohrmann
  3. Hertaus
  4. Johnson
  5. Pearson
  6. Rust
  7. Tarango
  8. Todd
  9. Speikers
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