Thursday, June 23 Breakdown tournament schdules and rosters

Thursday, June 23 we will have 3 teams playing in the Breakdown tournament at Lakeville South High School. Players will be wearing their reversible practice jerseys that they wear for summer league. Please try to arrive 20 minutes before the first scheduled game. If you have a conflict with playing in any of the games, please notify coaches immediately before Thursday.

Varsity Schedule click here

  1. Bean
  2. Freetly
  3. Hedquist
  4. Hinrichsen
  5. Mendes
  6. Mogensen
  7. Robertson
  8. Shrum
  9. Weed

JV White Schedule click here

  1. Bormann, C.
  2. Bormann, J.
  3. Freetly, D.
  4. Hansen
  5. Hunt
  6. Jakubowsky
  7. Lofgren
  8. Moe
  9. Vettrus

JV Orange Schedule click here

  1. Grengs
  2. Hertaus
  3. Johnson
  4. Mach
  5. McConnell
  6. Olson
  7. Pearson
  8. Rollag
  9. Tahtinen
  10. Tarango
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