South of the River Summer League Rosters & Schedule

South of the River summer league begins Tuesday, June 14th. Farmington teams will all play at Shakopee the first week. For the full schedule click here. League locations change so be sure to check each week. Also try to show up at least 20 minutes before your first scheduled game. Often in the summer there is road construction going on as we travel to some of the league sites so leave yourself some extra time.

Farmington teams will wear their reversable practice jerseys for league games. If your son does not have a jersey, he can talk to Coach Wyandt about purchasing or borrowing a jersey.

Rosters for the 1st week are listed below. Rosters may change each week based on player availability and on the progress players are making each morning at Basketball Academy. Players will be told on Monday which team they will be playing on that  week. If conflicts arise where your son is not going to make league games, please try to inform the coaches ahead of time.

Varsity JV 10th grade
1 Bean Bormann, C. Grengs
2 Freetly, C. Bormann, J. Hertaus
3 Hedquist Freetly, D. Jakubowsky
4 Hinrichsen Hansen Johnson
5 Mendes Hunt Mach
6 Mogensen Lofgren Olson, T.
7 Shrum McConnell Pearson
8 Weed Moe Tarango
9 Wilson Rollag Vettrus
10 Tahtinen
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