Basketball Academy & Training Camp

Farmington Basketball Academy / Training Camp begins Monday, June 15th at 8:00 am. Boys basketball players entering grades 9-12 can sign up. Click here for registration. 

Registration for Training Camp includes Basketball Academy for free. This is a seperate registration from summer league and summer tournaments. Basketball Academy is one hour of on court basketball skills work with the varsity coaching staff. Training Camp includes weight training, JAQS, and a brutal recess workout.

Below are the Farmington athletes registered for Basketball Academy as of Thursday, June 4. If your name is not listed, sign up now.

2015 Basketball Academy
12 grade 11 grade 10 grade 9 grade
Berg, Lucas Collins, Reed Blom, Logan Bean, Brady
Burrell, Alex Marthaler, Charlie Bormann, Carter Bormann, Jacob
Farthing, Coleman Olson, Josh Felter, J.J. Freetly, Dylan
Leichtnam, Dylan Wilson, Sam Fimreite, Justin Grengs, Luke
Wurst, Alex Freetly, Caden Hertaus, Grahm
Zitzmann, Alex Grundman, Jacob Moe, Alijah
Hansen, Collin Moorlach, Ben
Hedquist, Zach Needham, Josiah
Hunt, Jarrett Olson, Tyler
Knutson, Carter Ristow, Alex
Leichtnam, Lucas Rollag, Caleb
Lofgren, Will Shrum, Jamison
McConnell, Joe Vettrus, Jaxson
Morris, Aaron
Seyfert, Sam
Tahtinen, Drew
Wahl, Jordan
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