June 6-7 Tournament Schedule and Rosters

Tournament schedules were posted today for the Minnesota Hoops Classic this weekend on June 6-7 at St. Louis Park High School. Players should wear their reversible practice jerseys and try to show up 20 minutes before their first game.

Varsity Saturday Pool Play Schedule

Varsity Sunday Bracket

JV Bracket

Varsity Roster

1. Alex Wurst

2. Lucas Berg

3. Sam Wilson

4. Alex Zitzmann

5. Dylan Leichtnam

6. Coleman Farthing

7. Alex Hart

8. Kole Hinrichsen

JV Black

1. Brandon Deck

2. Josh Olson

3. Charlie Marthaler

4. Evan Holmstrom

5. Tim Robertson

6. Caden Freetly

7. Collin Hanson

8. Reed Collins

9. Brock Mogensen

JV White

1. Carter Bormann

2. Jarrett Hunt

3. Joe McConnell

4. Zach Hedquist

5. Carter Knutson

6. Jordan Wahl

7. Drew Tahtinen

8. Will Lofgren

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