Registration Information for Boys Basketball Players

Tiger Boys Basketball Players and Parents,

​First of all I would like to congratulate all of you who are participating in school basketball this season! As we continue to work and improve this season we would like to take a moment to think ahead to the future. As you may know, registration for next school year has begun and we would like to encourage you to pay special attention to a few courses. Starting in tenth grade students are given options in order to fulfill their physical education requirement. Speaking for the basketball program, I would encourage our players to take Weight Training and/or Sports Conditioning in order to earn Physical Education credits. Students will be able to take any combination of these courses they choose from sophomore through senior year. Also, students may earn credit for taking these classes for as many trimesters as fits their schedule for these three years. Most of our players generally take one or more P.E. classes each trimester anyway and our advice as coaches would be, if taking P.E. courses, they would pick Weight Training first and then fill their schedule from there. We feel taking classes like Weight Training and Sports Conditioning would be much more beneficial for a student’s overall health and performance as compared to some other general PE courses. Also, as a multi-sport coach, I can tell my multi-sport athletes that other school coaching staffs have the same advice for their student/athletes including football and wrestling specifically. By taking these courses throughout the school year the athletes will get more benefit by having much more concentrated time, teacher/coach attention, and variety of activity as compared to those who have to fit their strength training time into regular in-season practice. When a student is signing up for P.E. courses our thoughts in order of importance would be as follows:
1. Weight Training
2. Advanced Weight Training
3. Sports Conditioning
4. Advanced Sports Conditioning
5. Senior Health Club
Students could simply take Weight Training multiple times all the way through or could take some combination of these courses as they choose. As coaches we are thrilled that these courses and facilities are available for our students and feel they are extremely beneficial to our athletes and all FHS kids overall. As PE teachers we make these same recommendations to other students based upon where they may best fit in their fitness progression. Please take the time to consider these options as you go through the registration process and please let me know if you have any questions.

Shane Wyandt
Physical Education Teacher
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Farmington High School

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