Fall League Rosters

The Breakdown Fall League in Bloomington begins Sunday, October 19 and continues the three Sundays after that on October 26, November 2, and November 9.  Breakdown said the schedules will be released on October 12th and we will post them on our website as soon as they are made available.

For the league players should wear their Farmington practice jersey.  If players don’t currently have a practice jersey, they will be given one to borrow for fall league on the October 19.  Players also have the option of buying a practice jersey and shorts to keep for $30.  This jersey is what will be used throughout the rest of their high school careers.

Below are the rosters for fall league.  There may be some minor player movement from week to week as communicated by their coaches.  We also will still take registrations for any 9th grade players that are still interested in playing.  Please make sure to show up 20 minutes early before the first scheduled game the first week.

2014 Fall League Rosters
Varsity JV Orange JV White 9th Grade  9th Grade Black
Anderson Barthel Deck Bormann Beal
Bassett Burrell Eggers Freetly Blom
Berg Collins Gerber Hansen Boyer
Ferm Farthing Holmstrom Hedquist Fimreite
Halstrom Fox Marthaler Ponds Grundman
Hart Harstad Oettinger Seyfert Hunt
Larson Hinrichsen Olson, C. Tahtinen Knutson
Laube Leichtnam Olson, J. Lofgren Wahl
Robertson, K. Ristow Pullum Mogensen Felter
Wilson, J. Wilson, S. Robertson, T. McKnight
Zitzmann Wurst Morris
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