July 26-27 Weekend Tournament Rosters and Schedules

The Varsity team will be playing this weekend in St. Cloud at the Varsity MIT tournament.  Players will leave from Farmington High School at 1:00 pm on Friday, July 25th.  Games will be played on Saturday and Sunday, June 26-27.  Players will be staying at the Kelly Inn in St. Cloud for the tournament.  Tournament schedule is still TBD and will be posted when it becomes available.  The other teams will be playing in the Breakdown tournament at Lakeville South High School on Sunday, June 27th.  Rosters for the tournaments are below, please arrive to the first game 20 minutes early and let your coach know if you are unable to make it.

Varsity Schedule (St. Cloud)

Farmington Orange Schedule

Farmington White Schedule

Varsity (St. Cloud MIT)

1. Anderson

2. Halstrom

3. Robertson, K.

4. Larson

5. Wilson, J.

6. Zitzmann

7. Berg

8. Laube

9. Bassett

10. Ferm

JV Orange (Lakville South)

1. Buchwald

2. Farthing

3. Wurst

4. Burrell

5. Ristow

6. Leichtnam

7. Barthel

JV White (Lakville South)

1. Collins

2. Fox

3. Wilson, S.

4. Robertson, T.

5. Hinrichsen

6. Peterson

7. Olson, J.

8. Schwab





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