July 9th Tournament Schedule and Rosters

Below are the schedules and rosters for the Wednesday, July 9th Breakdown Summer Showcase tournament at St. Louis Park High School.  Players should try to show up 20 minutes early for their first game and should wear their reversable practice jerseys.  Rosters may change some depending on availability.

Varsity Black Schedule

Varsity Orange Schedule

JV White Schedule

Varsity Black
1. Ferm
2. Anderson
3. Halstrom
4. Larson
5. Robertson, K.
6. Berg
7. Zitzmann
8. Hart
9. Bassett
10. Laube
Varsity Orange
1. Burrell
2. Harstad
3. Leichtnam
4. Ristow
5. Hinrichsen
6. Wilson, J.
7. Wurst
8. Farthing
9. Buchwald
JV White
1. Peterson
2. Fox
3. Collins
4. Wilson, S.
5. Robertson, T.
6. Schwab
7. Oettinger
8. Barthel
9. Olson, J.
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