June 29 Schedules and Rosters

Below are the schedules and rosters for Sunday, June 29.  The Varsity will play in the Minnesota Timberwolves Team Camp at Anoka-Ramsey Community College.  The JV teams will both play in the Breakdown Tournament.  JV Orange will play their games at St. Michael-Alberville High School and JV White will play at Fieldstone Elementary in St. Michael.  Rosters may be subject to change if necessary.  Please let coaches know if players cannot play in the scheduled tournament times.

Varsity Schedule

JV Orange Schedule

JV White Schedule



1. Larson

2. Robertson, K.

3. Anderson

4. Halstrom

5. Wilson, J.

6. Harstad

7. Buchwald

8. Ferm

9. Laube

10. Zitzmann

11. Berg

12. Bassett


JV Orange

1. Wurst

2. Farthing

3. Leichtnam

4. Ristow

5. Burrell

6. Hinrichsen

7. Olson, C.

8. Fox

9. Collins

10. Wilson


JV White

1. Hibben

2. Schwab

3. Robertson, T.

4. Peterson

5. Olson, J.

6. Holmstrom

7. Tahtinen

8. Hansen



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