2014 Summer League Rosters and Schedules

Summer Leagues begin play the second week of June.  10-12 grade players begin play on Tuesday, June 10 and 9th grade begins play on Thursday, June 12.  9th grade will play in the Fast Break summer league and all games are played at Eastview High School.  The 10-12 grades will play in the South of the River summer league.  Games for the first two weeks will be played at Farmington High School, after that the games will be played at other local high schools.  Check the schedule for locations.  Rosters are below, note that certain players may be asked to play on other teams from week to week.

2014 South of the River Summer League Schedule

2014 Fast Break League Schedule


1. Larson
2. Robertson, K.
3. Anderson
4. Halstrom
5. Wilson, J.
6. Harstad
7. Buchwald
8. Ferm
9. Hart
10. Laube
11. Zitzmann
1. Berg
2. Wurst
3. Farthing
4. Leichtnam
5. Ristow
6. Oettinger
7. Bassett
8. Burrell
9. Barthel
10. Hinrichsen

1. Hibben
2. Schwab
3. Collins
4. Wilson, S.
5. Robertson, T.
6. Fox
7. Peterson
8. Olson
9. Holmstrom
10. Marthaler
1. Bormann
2. Hansen
3. Seyfert
4. Hunt
5. McConnell
6. Lofgren
7. Hedquist
8. Knutson
9. Freetly
10. Tahtinen



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