May 24th Tournament Schedule and Rosters

The tournament brackets for Saturday, May 24th have been released.  The two teams in the Varsity bracket will play at 10:05 am, 12:15 pm, and 2:25 pm.  Click here for the full Varsity tournament schedule.

The team in the JV bracket will play 9:00 am, 11:10 am, and 1:20 pm.  Click here for the full JV tournament schedule.

Rosters for this weekend’s tournaments are below.  Rosters for summer tournaments will change for each tournament and will be posted when the brackets are released.

All games will be played at St. Louis Park High School. Make sure you wear your black and white reversible practice jersey if you have one. If you don’t have a jersey, your coach will have one available for you at the game. Wear black shorts.  Please be there 30 minutes before your first scheduled game. Also make sure you try to be at all games as rosters do not have big numbers.

Varsity Black (D-2)
1. Buchwald
2. Anderson
3. Halstrom
4. Larson
5. Robertson, K.
6. Wilson, J.
7. Harstad
Varsity Black (D-4)
1. Ristow
2. Zitzmann
3. Laube
4. Berg
5. Leichtnam
6. Oettinger
7. Wurst
8. Farthing
JV (Farmington Orange)
1. Deck
2. Fox
3. Collins
4. Wilson, S.
5. Robertson, T.
6. Schwab
7. Peterson
8. Oettinger



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